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Possible Court Dress, c.1870 - Hungary 

Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

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Batman Beyond by Joel Gomez



I’ve been thinking about the difference between being healthy and being healed. 

If I break my leg, I may not be healed for quite some time. But, while I take time to heal, I can choose to do so in a healthy or unhealthy way. Perhaps, my healthy choices include resting, but getting what exercise I can, eating right, spending an appropriate amount of time alone/with others, and keeping up with or reducing my workload to fit my needs. 

I am still healing from the wounds that come from childhood sexual abuse. However, I can be healthy as I do so. I can open up to a supportive community (setting appropriate boundaries within those settings). I can monitor my thought patterns and strive toward maintaining a healthy self image. I can learn to enjoy being in my body, through physical activity such as dance. I can seek help for my insomnia through various forms of therapy. I can choose to acknowledge and work through the betrayal and doubt that I feel as a result of this happening in church. There is much I can do.

I do not think I am fully healed. 

But I know I am very healthy.



glad that tumblr has started putting random ppls posts on my dashboard, love it, thanks for this exciting new feature, definitely want to see posts from people i dont follow, thats why i didnt follow them

Tumblr: I notice you’ve been tagging a lot of things as being black and white. You must want me to suggest a .gif of white on black porn, yeah? Here, let me shove that RIGHT into your feed for ya!

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I didn’t mean to belittle the indie market, which has really picked up in the last 10 or so years. There’s also a strong online presence now for many neglected genres. What I was talking about was how Americans as a culture think comics=super heroes (or comics = cartoon tie-ins).

And what I meant was: it wasn’t always like that. Before the Comics Code Authority (1950s) came about, comics told a wide variety of stories. Not just with romance, but also in other genres as well. A lot of the stories were dark, or violent, or just too mature for young kids to read. Culturally, American people viewed comics in a similar way as books: there were many different genres and some genres were kid friendly and others weren’t, so you had to use discretion.

With the advent of the Comics Code Authority a lot of the diversity died. What’s sad was that it came from a minority decrying violent content in comic books, parents apparently incapable of monitoring what their children read. (A tradition American parents carry out even today.) They won the battle, comics self-regulated to appease a vocal minority. Batman lost his gun, comics lost their teeth, and teens and adults lost interest.

Fortunately, in the early 2000s the CCA became essentially irrelevant. To a certain degree, comics have gone back to their roots, more violent and telling more mature stories. (Though Batman never got his gun back!) But the mentality of comics = super heroes = children is still very very strong in our culture. It’ll take more than 14 years for that kind of thinking to die off, ya know?

(And what do you bet we don’t have another outcry of parents saying THINK OF THE CHILDREN! and completely neglecting their own responsibilities in monitoring their children’s entertainment!)

Well said, madam! I’ll also add that WWII ending also really hurt the comics industry. People needed comics for the escapism and morale boosting, but after the war, characters like Captain American suddenly seemed supercilious.


I tell you what, the best books and comics and things are the ones both parent and child can be interested in and enjoy. In Ye Olden days, books were pretty much the only entertainment you could tailor to your liking, but now’a’days you can record or buy everything. There is literally no excuse for parents to let their kids read or watch drivel. We’ve got over 50 years of high quality kids/family movies and 20 years of high quality kids TV shows. There is so much stuff out there that’s good and worth watching together, ya know? No reason at all for settling for less.

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*sets entire english language on fire*



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I’d like to make a teen romance, but I just can’t live in a world where laz0rz don’t exist, sorry.

Laser teen romance.

We have contributed so many unrelated notes to that crappy post haha.

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Wynn Chamberlain, Interior: Late August 1955

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