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"Humans are equally valuable by virtue of being equally human."

Scott Klusendorf, Human Value: What Makes Humans Valuable? (via gothicchristian)

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"Dominion/Mother Russia" | The Sisters of Mercy

I’m living in films for the sake of Russia 
A Kino Runner for the DDR 
And the fifty-two daughters of the revolution 
Turn the gold to chrome 
Gift … nothing to lose 
Stuck inside of Memphis with the mobile home, sing: 
Mother Russia 
Mother Russia 
Mother Russia rain down down down 

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if youre feeling like a big awkward fuck up who messes up everything just think about how if u were a character in a work of fiction sooo many people would see your perceived flaws as lovable and endearing character traits and how youd still be their favorite character to draw coffeeshop AUs of regardless

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Oh, Bruce..

Justice League: War. This is a pretty cool movie.

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i’m actually pretty cool just give me like 5 tries to get it right

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California cops don’t need warrants to surveil with drones


Tech News ( http://goo.gl/W4D7n )

I'm looking forward to this.- Netflix’s milestone moment: A big-name movie to debut simultaneously in theaters and on Netflix


Tech News ( http://goo.gl/W4D7n )

It was nice knowing you, theaters.


I was watching “Army of Darkness” for the first time in YEARS.
And, um.

There was a skeleton war.

Duh? :)

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  • Goth woman in 1983, photo by Peter Jordan
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